Monday, March 20, 2006

WASEDA DESIGN PRIZE 2006, Latin Cultural Connection Re-edition of Tokyo Harbour Scape

Waseda University, Best Diploma Master Design 2006, by Abel Erazo
Nowadays the economy map of the world is changing and the big power areas are moving to different zones. China is already The big new power economy and India is also conforming this new economical map. 20 or 30 years later another silence areas until now will awake and take part in this new scenario. In general the south of the world can have more character than now.
Transportation of culture has changed from the past in the information era, If 500 years ago latin culture travel from Europe to America by ship very slowly, now a days the connections and transportations of information its takes just seconds. This project try to get close and transport latin American culture to east asia creating an intersected new space in the nearest point from the pacific ocean, Tokyo`s Harbour. The project want to show the latin American spirit more than visible things. From the most important latin American writer, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, was chosen his “cien anos de soledad” story to recreate the latin american atmosphere in Tokyo harbour scape, the result is a Cultural Transfer Station as an intersection point between Asia and Latin world and the re-edition of Tokyo harbour scape .


Anonymous Herbert Hussmann said...

Excellent work - I am really amased!

12:14 AM  
Blogger Q said...

Me parece excelente tu iniciativa Abel.
Que experiencia de estar allá!
Te mando buena energía desde Chile y sigue representándonos de la manera en que lo has hecho hasta ahora.

Se despide
Pablo Casals

PD_Me gustó tu casa en el cajón.

1:50 AM  

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